Release Notes: Accordion Tile 2.0, & Blog Tile 1.3.0

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Check out the updates in our latest release for the following Products by Social Edge: 

Accordion Tile & Blog Tile


Accordion 2.0

Updates & Enhancements

  • Google Analytics Tracking - Administrators can add Google Analytics tracking to get advanced insight into interaction with the tile. The new analytics configuration supports either Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. 
  • Custom HTML/CSS section above and below tile - Previously, HTML/CSS could only be added above the tile. Now, there is an additional  configuration to add content below the results.
  • Band height setting - Admins can now adjust the height of the header bands in the tile. 
  • Icon Preview - Font Awesome icons are now displayed in a preview. 
  • Header Padding - When header bands have no images/icons selected, the extra padding is removed so the copy will shift to the left. 

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix - Long names do not wrap properly
  • Bug Fix - Add Header section input is not displaying in IE after saving
  • Bug Fix - Accordion tile not working on an activity page


Blog Tile 1.3.0

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix - Update performance issues for blog filtering
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue where the Blog Tiles disappeared because of missing or malformed images
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue with Blog Tile failed because tags included special characters
  • Bug Fix - IE hangs due to long running script while loading blog post
  • Bug Fix - Blog tile in FF or Chrome is duplicating when picking all blogs, but not if picking specific blog
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue where blogs are not sorted by publish date
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue with banner images not displaying in the blog preview
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue with large amount of blogs being loaded in the background

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