Search Tile

  • $5,000

Compatible with Cloud and Hosted

✔ Bug Fixes and Technical Support

✔ Enhancements and Feature Updates

Fully skinnable and adaptable to your brand's style, our Search Tile comes with its own configuration panel and can be placed on your community's global homepage or any Place landing page.

It doesn't replace Jive's universal search field. Rather, it allows you to place search and display results front and center on the pages your employees or customers are thinking "search first." We think it looks particularly good in the hero position of your News page.

Google famously launched its search service on a simple white page, establishing the fact that search is primary. Today, search remains at the center of how we use the Internet - and Jive.

As with every tile, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So feel free to purchase, download, and test the tile in your Jive community. If you're not satisfied, simply delete it in your Jive community within 30 days and we'll return your money.

Key Features

  • Customizable search box for your Jive home or landing pages
  • Multiple configuration options such as limiting search results to specific content types and Places
  • Customizable header and footer using HTML

More Features



Add Content Above Search

Add custom HTML above the tile to welcome users and provide context. 

Actionable Footer

Add a custom footer below the results panel and even turn their search query into a new Jive question (i.e., "Ask A Question").

Stacked Results

Three sections for stacked search results are available in this tile to draw attention to specific content groupings.

Filter Results By Content and Place

Filter your search results using the config panel (e.g., blog posts from a single Space).


About Jive Tiles

Jive offers "tiles" — the successor to "widgets" — to display useful information on home and landing pages in Jive, such as popular content or featured people. As a Jive customer, you can learn more about out-of-the-box tiles in Jive's docs. Social Edge builds custom, configurable tiles and makes them available through its online store.