Tiles by Social Edge are quality, easy-to-use custom tiles that do one thing very well (e.g., search) for your Jive community.

What’s a tile? A tile is Jive Software’s method for displaying content and data on home and landing pages. Yes, as a Jive customer, you have access to a number of out-of the-box tiles.

But, Tiles by Social Edge are tiles we've developed and perfected based on our experience working with 300+ Jive clients. Experience gained building these tiles for customers, and getting feedback on them in live environments, allowed us to reimagine and upgrade them in their current form.

Today, we're making custom tiles available for purchase in this online store, allowing you to simply download and install them in your Jive tile library.

We love these tiles and hope you do too! 

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Our Approach to Tiles


Works on cloud and hosted

All of our tiles are compatible with Jive’s latest cloud and hosted offerings. As your community evolves, your tile won’t be left behind.


Easily configurable

No need to edit HTML. All of our tiles are customized using a gorgeous, user-friendly configuration panel.


No need to pay for updates or ongoing maintenance. When we add new features or fix bugs, you’ll instantly receive a new dowload link.


Flexible, responsive design

Design with infinite possibilities using our best-in-class configuration tools to change colors, custom fonts, corners and more.


Available globally

Once you complete our simple 2-step installation process, tiles are available throughout your community.


Best practice approaches

Our tiles are based on best practices, perfected over five years of consulting and over 300 successful launches.