Release Notes: Activity Tile 2.0

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Check out the updates in our latest release for the following Products by Social Edge: Activity Tile 


Activity Tile 2.0 

Updates & Enhancements 

  • Refresh Activity CTA.  We have added a "Refresh" call to action to prompt users to "refresh" the tile if it is not displaying new  activity.

NOTE: This update was added to the Activity tile to mitigate a known issue regarding the API with Jive Software (JCLDALL-24264), which can result in the tile not displaying activity.  If you are experiencing this issue with your Activity Tile, we also recommend the following workaround:

  • Add a comment or interact with something that is in the feed that the tile is pulling in, once new activity is added, the tile should start displaying the activity again.

    Bug Fixes

    • Bug Fix - Active tab text color does not appear as bold
    • Bug Fix - Installation of add-on shows warning on the list of add-ons
    • Bug Fix - "New Activity Available" message appears incorrectly when content filters are used
    • Bug Fix - Activity appears intermittently, sometimes displays blank tile
    • Bug Fix - Tile appears blank if there are more than 30 activity items
    • Bug Fix - Activity does not load for External Contributors or in Externally Accessible groups
    • Bug Fix - Activity not displayed if there is a deleted comment
    • Bug Fix - Review all Activity tile open issues and provide detail
    • Bug Fix - Activity Stream incorrectly increases page views

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