Jive Tile Release notes for Accordion 3.1, Activity Tile 2.1, Content (Quadrant) Tile 1.5

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Based on suggestions from a few clients, we've made some enhancements to the Accordion, Activity and Content Quadrant Tiles.

Accordion version 3.1

As you know, the previous versions of the accordion either allowed you to set it to default to all closed, or just one section open. But a few of you asked for the ability to have it show all the items at once, so we've added with a little tweak.

1. You can now set the tile default to all sections expanded. 

2. In addition, you can set up the accordion sections to have multiple sections open by the user instead of having one section open at a time. In other words, multi-section instead of single-section expansion. 
accordion configuration showing options for section behavior

If you're using the tile now, there's no change to your tile after the upgrade until you choose to change it.   See user guide

Activity Tile version 2.1

This is a visual display change: As an administrator, you can now show/hide the content type and the place location in the header of each content item in a full width version. This was per a suggestion from clients using the tile who were showing just one kind of content on their page and didn't need the icons or the rest of the header repeated.  This will work with various combinations of options for showing/hiding the icon, place name and date. See user guide

screenshot of the activity tile with no icon, place name or date
Content (Quadrant) Tile version 1.5
This versatile tile is used as a directory of links and resources. Over the past few months, we've been refining what can be managed by an admin.
Version 1.5 is a minor update to allow for the optional Learn More button to be editable for both text, color styling and width of the button.


Version 1.4: Ability to show/hide the header; Edit links that have been added (previously, you had to delete them and then re-add)

See user guide

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