Bug Fixes/Enhancements to Jive Tiles for Slider 3.0.1, Activity 2.0.4, Mosaic 3.2, Content Tile 1.3

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Activity Tile 2.0.4

  • Bug fix: WCAG 2.x - font color in bad contrast and not changeable
  • Bug fix: update to include the Ideas content type in the activity
  • Enhancement: Video Thumbnail to appear in activity feed upon creation of video post

Slider 3.0.1 Minor enhancements

Our last release, which is where we allowed you to dynamically display tiles, got a good response. Our thanks to those who asked to make a small enhancement below.

  • Apply character limit on desktop content in Admin panel

Mosaic 3.2.1

Minor changes

  • Ensuring that likes and comments count are shown in small stories
  • When setting style to Flat and size to Small, updating to ensure it shows Likes/Comments count.
  • Other minor bug fixes


Content (Quadrant) Tile 1.3

Add Theme section in the configuration panel to support custom color selection for the following components:

  • Background
  • Tab - In Focus (plus font color)
  • Tab - Not in Focus (plus font color)
  • Quadrant title
  • Quadrant collapse text
  • Quadrant “Learn More” button (plus font color)


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User guides can be found on our wiki.

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