Release notes for Blog Tile 2.1.4, Activity Tile 2.0.2, Content Quadrant Tile 1.2

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Here are the November 2021 release notes for our Blog tile, Activity tile and Content Quadrant tile.

Blog Tile 2.1.4

This minor release focused on fixing a few bugs and making a small improvement


  • There's an increased view count of configured blog when it's in "Curated" Mode while reload the Tile's place/page.
  • Resolving errors reported by individual customers. 

Thanks to Allianz who suggested a better translation term for a button. 

  • Translation from EN to DE (German) for "clear all" button to be "alles zurücksetzen"

Activity tile 2.0.2

The Activity tile contains several bug fixes after Jive updated their API. In addition, we have several enhancements. 


  • Activity tile is interrupted when various content or places are deleted, or a structured outcome is applied. 
  • Activity tile is not displaying certain content depending on various filters.
  • Ideas sometimes do not appear in the feed and votes appear with the "like" icon instead of an arrow icon.


  • Update the error message text to say "Sorry, the activity feed was interrupted, either by a lack of activity or another error. Please try again later."
  • Fix truncation of the long words for uploaded files.
  • When images are uploaded as File Uploads, display images in the feed.
  • Add support for the"outcome set", "outcome removed" and "moved" activities.
  • Tile should show a "loading" image to indicate loading or content refresh.

Content Quadrant Tile 1.2

This tile, which is not part of Edgepack, is a great way to organized detailed lists of links and display them based on tags and/or country attributes. Thanks to Cleveland Clinic for suggesting several improvements. 

  • Change text for the instructional hints and enlarge the font
  • Add option to allow linking to a specific quadrant
  • Add option to hide greeting text «Welcome back, {name}! Here’s what we have for you!»
  • Reduce spacing between countries, tabs, and quadrants blocks
  • Add option to hide the countries list


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