Release notes - Blog Tile - Version 2.1.2

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Happy 2021. This is a small release note for the Blog Tile.

After our last update to version 2.1, we received feedback from a few customers who flagged a few issues that we were able to fix.

Here's what we updated in Version 2.1.2

Blog tile error message and the “load more” button does not display in the masonry format.

  • The Error message is updated to provide instructions on what to do when you see it.
  • The load more button was overlapping or getting partially hidden when images in masonry format were set to full size instead of cropped.


  • We addressed performance and functional issues reported by one customer
  • ObjectHTML issue appeared once again for the blog tile in one customer's instance. This was a bit tricky to troubleshoot because in most instances, it was working fine. You may have noticed that Aurea was also having this same error with a few of their standard Jive tiles that got fixed in their most recent release last week.
As a reminder, here's what we added in version  2.1
  • Display Trending blog content. Simply check Dynamic and then check the trending blog content box and select the source of the blog to display.

  • Support for OR and AND filters.

  • Allow multiple tags in an item filter by using the comma, for ex. Tag1, Tag2

  • Apply character limit on desktop content like masonry display.

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