Release Notes: Blog Tile v2.1 enhancements now with Trending Blog content and more

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Thanks to some great suggestions from our clients, we've added a few new options to the Blog Tile.

What’s New in 2.1
  • Display Trending blog content. Simply check Dynamic and then check the trending blog content box and select the source of the blog to display.

  • Support for OR and AND filters.

  • Allow multiple tags in an item filter by using the comma, for ex. Tag1, Tag2

  • Apply character limit on desktop content like masonry display.

Bug & Performance Fixes
  • In addition, we also fixed a pesky error that a few of you reported in version 2.0 where this "ObjectHTML" error would appear when you saved the tile.
  • And, we improved the performance of the tile so that it will load faster, especially with the use of filters.

As a reminder, if you have been holding off on upgrading your Blog tile, here are some of the things we changed in Version 2.0
  • Ability to "pin" and feature a blog post at the top of the tile.

  • Option to either curate a set of blog posts or allow blog posts to display automatically (dynamically)

  • Display different blog posts depending on language preferences. Language preferences are set by the site administrator.

For the full list of what we changed in 2.0, see this post.

Thanks again for all the great feedback on how you use the Blog Tile. We appreciate the support!

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