Modernizing Slider Tile 2.0, Minor updates to Events Tile 1.3 and Video 2.2.2

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Modernizing our Slider Tile 2.0

We've updated our Slider Tile to bring it in line with the user experience that you're familiar with in other tiles. Here's what's changed:

  • Added Google Analytics Support
  • Added Custom Custom HTML section with support for above-tile and below-tile HTML/CSS support
  • Added Advanced Settings section for managing margins
  • Separated the Theme setup from the main Setup to be consistent with other tiles
  • Multi-language / personalization display of content based on user's language
    • The add-on configuration panel will enable language support in the Slider Tile (same as what already exists in Blog, Mosaic, Search, Hero, Place Grid)
  • It allows you to set the languages your tile managers can use in their tiles, so that they are not overwhelmed by all the language possibilities.
  • Once enabled, tile managers can create a Slider for each language enabled (default if not set is English). What appears on the slider is translated by the tile administrator. 
  • To the end-user, they will see the tile that matches their Language preference, otherwise, it will default to displaying English
  • This supports all languages on Jive 9 and Jive cloud except Arabic and Hebrew which are right-to-left (RTL) languages


  • And in case you missed it, in our last interim release, we also made all the fields (title, blurb, link) option so that you can have a slider just with images. 

 Minor Updates for Events 1.3

  • We fixed a bug where the ICS File downloaded from Event Tile does not show Location
  • Implemented the new tabs for the Fonts section for Title and Description, and allow for more flexibility in configuring the font styles even for the calendar event display and filter menus.

  • Note: Because of some other custom tiles that we've been working on, we didn't have a chance to redesign the appearance of the tile in a narrow column layout. Will plan on it for the next release. 

Minor Update for Video 2.2.2

  • Reopened an issue that we thought was fixed. It works now. We fixed display of custom thumbnails for Jive videos in narrow view. 

  • In case you missed version 2.2.1, the fixes in there included 
    • SE Video Tile with embedded Vimeo not playing in Video Tile
    • Bug in the configured video's view count where it seemed to double in each loading of the page.

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