Release Notes: Video Tile 2.2.0

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What's new for Video Tiles 2.2.0

  • Fixing video display:  Corrected Aurea's conversion to a new video service which prevented videos in our tile from being displayed properly
  • New: Prevent downloads: There is a a request by some of our customers to prevent users from downloading videos. This is an add-on configuration option.  [Note, if you enable this, you will need to go check all your video tiles on your community and re-save those configuration)
  • Other bug fixes: include various display issues in Internet Explorer and Chrome or issues in saving the configuration.

Screenshot of Video Setting
Specific Bugs

  • Resolve issues with new Jive Video format launched for Cloud version 3004.1.4.1
  • Video title displays inconsistent number of lines of text in gallery view
  • Tile does not save Jive content videos under certain conditions
  • Google Analytics does not show proper page name and title in results
  • Tile does not save Google tag manager ID settings
  • Address "Insecure" warning in Chrome 81
  • Configuration panel crashes after adding Jive video
  • Tile doesn’t show view count even if the checkbox 'Display view count' is checked.
  • Tile doesn’t open videos in the new tab even if the checkbox "Open in new window" is checked
  • Resolve video loading issue "Cannot read property 'videoQuality' of undefined" in console logs
  • Resolve issue with custom default image for external videos
  • Error loading comments in narrow column
  • Autoplay option doesn't work in narrow view
  • Custom thumbnail issue in IE
  • Full screen option doesn't work in IE
  • CSS issues in comments in narrow view

Updated Process For Configuring

  1. Upload the zip
  2. [NEW] Click "Configure Now" to configure new settings
  3. Save settings
  4. Save and Activate

Screenshot of install process

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