Release Notes: Video 2.2.1, Events 1.2, Mosaic 3.0.1, Place Grid 2.1.0

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Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with that we've squashed some bugs and made some improvements thanks to your feedback. 

Video Tile 2.2.1

Bugs fixed

  • SE Video Tile with embedded Vimeo not playing in Video Tile
  • Bug in the configured video's view count where it seemed to double in each loading of the page.
  • Custom Default Image / Thumbnail not working with Single video layout for Jive contents on narrow space/tile-area.

Note: We've heard from a few of you where sometimes, old Jive videos that have worked before stopped displaying in our tile. We've observed that during Aurea's conversion from one video storage system to another, sometimes, the videos didn't properly upload to the server, even though they appear to play in a native Jive video. If they don't show up in the API, then it won't work in our tile. If you're noticing this issue, send us an email and we can help you test it out and determine next steps.  

Events Tile 1.2.0

Bugs fixed:

  • Add to Outlook Calendar link not adding correct event time.
  • Add to Outlook Calendar resulting in link that doesn't work for every client. Change in configuration panel allows you to choose which version of outlook to link to.


Per client suggestion, we've adjusted some options for these adding to the calendar. In the admin set up, you can decide whether to include: Outlook, Google Calendar and a downloadable ICS file.  If you choose those to be available, then, in the configuration panel, you can choose per tile whether to allow it.

Regarding design, several of you have suggested making the narrow column version of the tile smaller. We hear you, and plan to include that in the next version.

Mosaic Tile

Bugs fixed:

  • In certain cases, internal images are not displayed in the stories
  • French Footer does not show in narrow column
  • Accessibility - Focus cut off
  • The tile shows alert on the page. Note: re-adding the tile and configuring removes the problem

Place Grid

Bug fixed:

  • Tile does not display Custom HTML in IE11


  • Allow links in automatic place selection mode to individually open in new or same browser window


P.S. Aurea fixed a problem with the API we were using for the Activity Tile. No action needed to update your tile, but the good news is that if you delete a document or something in your group, our tile will not get interrupted and stop showing the feed. 

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  • Note that the need to have a smaller presentation also applies to the large column. Plus option to display/hide the event type as that takes up a lot of space at the top of the tile. Thank you.

    Claire Richardson on

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