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1. Just so I'm clear, you're offering custom tiles for use with Jive right?


2. Are you offering tiles for any other collaboration platform?

Nope, just Jive.

3. Okay, I've heard of tiles but can you tell me a little more?

The simplest tiles display content, links, and images on a Jive page. But, they also can contain HTML, CSS, and Javascript. More advanced tiles even make calls to Jive's API or APIs from other systems. For more details, read What is a Tile? in Jive's docs.

4. What tiles are you offering?

Today, we're offering nine tiles:

More are under development and we'll make them available on this site as soon as they're ready.

5. Really, you mean Jive doesn't offer these tiles already in its tile library?

Jive actually offers tiles with a few similar characteristics, but in a much simpler form. We're pretty confident you'll immediately see the difference. We built these tiles because customers were asking for them.

6. Can I modify the tiles?

Yes, each tile comes with a configuration panel that allows you to modify the tile in important ways.

7. Are there instructions on how to install and configure the tile?

Yes, upon purchase, you'll receive a user guide in the same download as your tile.

8. Can I test the tile before purchasing it?

No, we aren't offering a test version of a tile at the moment. 

9. What if there are bugs or other defects in the tile I purchase?

As stated in our Terms of Service, each tile is under warranty and we will fix any bugs or defects that are identified.

10. Bugs aside, what if I'm not satisfied with the tile?

Each tile has a 30-day money back guarantee. Just let us know you'd like to return the tile within that time period and we'll give you a full refund.

11. I received an update for a tile - how do I install that? 

We periodically update our tiles add enhancements and fix bugs, if you have received a new version of any Tile simply follow the steps below to install the latest version to your community: 

1. Download your updated tile from the URL provided
2. Extract the User Guide (PDF) file
3. Go to Add-Ons in your Jive Community (must be a system administrator to access)
4. Select Upload Package
5. Upload the new tile zip to the community

The tile will be updated to the latest version once you upload the new zip file. Now you are good to go! All existing tiles in use on your pages will also be updated automatically to the latest version. 

12. What if I want to buy all the tiles? 

Awesome! We offer all of the current (and future) tiles in a package called the Community Manager Tile Pack. Contact us to learn more.