Activity Tile

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Compatible with Cloud and Hosted

✔ Bug Fixes and Technical Support

✔ Enhancements and Feature Updates

Activity feeds are the bedrock of Jive communities. Our new customizable Activity Tile dynamically pulls activity streams onto a home page or any space, group or project page.

We've redesigned the look of the activity feed to put more of an emphasis on content rather than the author. With our Activity Tile, you can choose whether to display a feed of the entire community, a specific place or an individual user. You can even decide what types of content it will display, whether it be discussions, documents, blog posts, or all recent activity.

 With the easy-to-use configuration panel, you can quickly adjust the look and feel, colors, fonts, links, and text associated with the tile whenever you choose. As with all of our Tiles by Social Edge, the Activity Tile is fully responsive and can be displayed on both narrow and wide column pages.

Key features

  • Display activity streams for the entire community, a specific place or places, or a person.
  • Display and organize multiple activity streams on a page by using custom tabs.
  • Unlike Jive's out-of-the-box Super List, you can interact within the tile (comment, like, share) instead of having to click on a content item and navigate to the new page in order to respond. 
  • Additional configuration options allow you to decide what types of content to display, enabling you to create an Activity Tile that displays all recent content or specific types of content, such as discussions or documents. 


More Features


Organize your tile using tabs to showcase different activity streams.

Layout Options

Enhanced layout options to make it more readable and provide a visual impact. Choose from a list view or a more stylized tile masonry view. 

Color Palette 

We've provided ready-to-use color themes upon adding the tile to a page.


Track interactions with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.


About Jive Tiles

Jive offers "tiles" — the successor to "widgets" — to display useful information on home and landing pages in Jive, such as popular content or featured people. As a Jive customer, you can learn more about out-of-the-box tiles in Jive's docs. Social Edge builds custom, configurable tiles and makes them available through their online store.